no rest for Thing 4

The wiki wiki world. I’ve consumed it plenty, but the tasks now are to think about it, read about it, and participate in it. Next post (post Ocracoke) will be about these tasks.

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podcasts found – and enjoyed!

French food

I reviewed the instructions for Thing 3 – podcasts – and went to my “podcatcher” – the iTunes store – and browsed around until I found something that sounded good: French Food and Faux Pas – Rick Steves interviews 2 French foodies. Fun and rewarding. Il n’y a pas “to go”. You knew that right? And eating in the car ? Mais non! But I didn’t know that tips should always be cash on the table. Also, to get free water ask for un carafe d’eau if you don’t want bottled or mineral water. Doggy bags? A faux pas, but don’t worry about it because things aren’t supersized, so you will probably not need a doggy bag. And don’t enter a restaurant before 12 or 12:30 or after 2. Rick says also eat at 9:00 at night if you don’t want to encounter a lot of tourists.

Next I will try to find more information confirming the recent research about lard being better than trans fats. Where did I see that quote about European countries out-lawing trans fats, when in America companies were hiring lobbyists and PR people to avoid it?

image thanks to Boris Veldhuijzen van Zanten – found on Flickr – searching Creative Commons, search terms “France Food”. If you search Flickr for “French food”, you will get mainly American food like French Fries, French dip (eeeeeuuuuuww), French toast – and what is the deal with posting pictures French fry pictures from Pink’s? I think you should eat the obligatory hot dog there in LA and then hunt for a good French restaurant.

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venturing gingerly into pod-cast land

OUR NEW TASK IS TO EXPLORE PODCASTS and suddenly I feel like that incomprehensible girl on Little Britain who says,”Yeah, but, no, but, yeah, but…”

I have these sensitive ears. You know, one of those people who carry ear plugs with them everywhere and flinch and drop at sounds that others ignore? OK, here is a telling anecdote:

In the hall, I stand and wince: “What is that tiny horrible high-pitched whine?”  A class walks by in a line. Every student but one is smiling and whispering; they are happily on their way to lunch (not a decibel-delightful place for me!). I ask the small boy who is covering his ears and frowning to stop and talk to me for a minute. “Hey, Joe, do you hear something?” “Yes, Mrs Techman, it’s a horrible kind of buzz.” Together we wait for the distracting line to leave and then we trace the sound to a closet nearby. The next day, a work crew comes to fix the vibrating and half-detached pipes. They cheerfully ask me how I knew repairs were needed, since it wasn’t making any noise!

So, Thing 2: podcasts.  Bravely, I dipped into podcast alley, but nuh-uh (channeling my inner southerner), no way I’m taking a chance on any unannotated podcast. (It could be a voice that makes me run screaming.) Then, I take the high road, yes, good old Radio Free Finland. Nordic Design is the topic; the interviewer’s voice is tolerable, I speak English and I like Finland; let’s give it a go. Yikes, the humming and hawing guest is picking carefully through his Russian mind for English words and not finding them fast enough for me. And then he talks about the importance of “rood”, and I think, “I’ve got enough rudeness in my life, thank you” and click off just as I figure out he is saying “wood”.

It’s time to use my librarian brain to find and evaluate some good sources. I’ll report back to you.

P.S. image courtesy of Sergeant McCauley (nukeit1), Flickr.

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Common Craft-like videos for students to make

I’ve done a cursory web-search and I’m n ot seeing much. I love the simple flow of these video tutorials  – and the hand-drawn images that get moved around on the white screen (by real hands!)  So I’m trying to think of which method would suit what purpose:

IWB recording of a student drawing (and speaking? or do you have to add speech later?)

simpler – a white dry-erase board on a desk with a digital camera nearby

and the topics:

how to find a book

what an OPAC is

what are the subgenres of folktales

Hey, join in my think-aloud if you have any ideas!

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Thing 2 – check; on another front: I want more reading and less downloading

I was reading a blog on Digital Pedagogy and clicked to read “about” and was offered the chance to download a CV. I am not a digital native – I’m not any kind of native – but even I will choose the “forget it”option and click away. Or rather the “Oh, for Pete’s sake” option.

As for Thing 2 – setting up a Netvibes account was fun and pretty easy, although some of the widgets led me into distractable territory. I am starting to feel that I have some pretty toothsome tools at hand, so thanks again SLJ and Michael Stephens!

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Netvibes even brings me fresh origami images

from Gabe\'s flickr set

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Think aloud

I hope to do more targeted talk with my students this year. By using more “show and tell” and “think aloud”, I want them to see what makes up such things as:

asking permission to use an image (and sometimes not getting it)

not giving up on finding a book – as in “I know sometimes books are put back wrong so I’ll look nearby on the same shelf just in case”

visualizing – I think many students have to be taught how to “make pictures in their brain, like good readers do”

coming up with keywords for a search….

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kiri kitabu!

Yes, it means “Welcome to my blog” in Maori! OK, you shouldn’t take everything at face value on the Internet. I don’t know any Maori. It means “book book!” in Estonian (kiri) and Swahili (kitabu).

Welcome to Thing 1 – the blog – 1 of 23THINGS for SLJ‘s summer fun activity (thanks Brian! Thanks Michael!)

As usual, my ideas out-number my ability to follow things to completion. I want to try a little of this and that and scavenge the heck out of all the great stuff librarians are doing and planning. Note I said “librarians”. It’s a term that should convey a wealth of meaning, but unfortunately only does to a limited circle.

substitute your own Oprah-like galvanizing message here.

also, the green leaves are from an image by  Cyron (Brisbane, Australia) via Flickr.

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